Saturday, June 30, 2012

I don't wanna

The cab driver is drunk.
Or stoned.
Or is it just me
Is she gonna give me money
Is she using me for a cab
Will she make out with me
I look like a jelly donut

It was messy
I thought I was home alone
And I just want to fill
My bloated belly
Considering calling
One of them gross guys
A hard cock to tell me
I look sexxxy

It was all so perfect
Goosebumps and all
And I run off stoned
Cause I know I’ll try to make out with em
Or cry
Or both

My skirt so tight
Swollen hands
Big juicy veins
Too drunk for this

Felt like such an idiot
Same dyke jean-vest
What the fuck!
am I doing

So glad I didn’t try
To make out with anyone
Saved us all a lot of embarrassment

Leftover pasta popping
Leftover drool
Cause I tried to make friends
Didn’t try to make out with said tried friends
Saved us a all a lot of embarrassment

But it’s just the fan
Puffed up with health pasta
“It’s very lovely”
Such a moron
What I must look like
I know what I look like
But I can’t help myself
I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna

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