Saturday, November 12, 2011


expired cold sore cream
a strict diet of mini chocolate bars
coffee and cigarettes
oh and sometimes whiskey
been frequenting the trashiest
strip club in town
free beer
free drugs
and free tit grabs
the russian one
particularly liked me
my girlfriend hasn't been putting out
she just wants to watch t.v.
i wanna fuck
she's too stressed
she feels too fat
i want to be irresisted
i want to get fucked
she teases me constantly
sucking my fingers
making me lotion her back
pinching my nipple
only once
no reaction
to her making me twitch
i miss the power
i miss the glory
so i watch porn
imagine someone
wanting me that bad
that dirty dirty
trying to get me
into bed
dirty dirty
moaning and groaning and
but i'm alone in my stinking stinky bed
and it feels good
i don't have to fucking try
i don't have to try and pull
what i want
like pulling teeth
i can just
have it

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